Wednesday, January 22, 2014

RANDOM things I'm loving right now...

These leopard Nike's are just the right amount of leopard...and you know how I love to wear black!
I've been re-watching Gossip Girl on Netflix and it is even better than I remember! XOXO
I have an obsession with boots and I love the metal trim on these lovelies from Top Shop.
Alright, I know this may seem random, but if you are a lover of Bloody Mary's then you MUST try this mix!!! It is amazing and I can't stop drinking it. Matt's dad introduced me and now I'm hooked. 

Hope you enjoyed this group of absolutely random things that I am loving. What are you loving right now?


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Guess who's back back back?


I have missed blogging so so much and my incredible sister, Sheridan, inspired me to start back up again. Sooo much has happened since my last post and I promise to keep you as updated as possible from now on. So, back to have seen her in many of my posts, she is beautiful, fun, athletic, and OH so inspiring! She just started a blog called Babes with Bodies and it is all about reminding people to love their bodies and to have a positive self image. It is sooo inspiring and her posts are just perfect. We all need to be reminded to love our bodies and be proud of who we are. Her posts are so relevant and they are an amazing daily reminder to take time to appreciate what is beautiful about ourselves, instead of focusing on everything we think we need to fix. PLEASE go check it out! Just click the link and I promise that you'll love it!

^^^ My incredible sister, creator of Babes with Bodies!

I am so happy to be back and I hope that you are too! Talk to you soon babes! 



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