Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Breakers! (Matt & Shea edition)

Surprised him with chocolate covered strawberries when he arrived!
Us riding the T together! I was a happy girl :)
We went to the beautiful Boston Public Library...
and I made him take a million pictures with me because I loved having him here :)
We went to the Aquarium on a snowy day!
and I liked capturing candids of this cutie  
We enjoyed eating this delicious Buffalo Chicken Pizza...
and we still can't stop talking about this Mint Chocolate sundae!
I surprised Matt with tickets to see The Blue Man Group!
We were tourists for a day & took a trolley tour of Boston!
I love him so much ^^^^^
Oh & we made a trip to Whole Foods to try this Blue Print Juice cleanse...yum!

I have to say... Spring Break was one of the best weeks of my life! These pictures give you a little idea of what we did over our break. We ran around Boston but we also made meals together, played lots of board games, and watched movies! It was so nice to run around the town but we also enjoyed sleeping in and relaxing together. It was just so wonderful to BE TOGETHER in the same place :) We had the most amazing time and I loved every second spent with Matt. He makes me SO happy and I am so lucky to have such an amazing, caring, and loving guy in my life♥ He is such a gentleman and he always takes care of me. We always have the best time together and the 9 days we spent together over spring break were absolutely PERFECT! I cannot wait to spend the summer with this handsome guy.

Hope you all had/have a great Spring Break! xoxoxo

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