Tuesday, February 12, 2013


[view from our living room windows]
[our street from the right window]
[our street from the left window. cars were buried under the snow!]
[piles of snow in my neighborhood as I ventured to Beacon Hill to meet up with friends]
[in love with this picture, I love where I live]
[sinking into the snow!]
[had to walk in the streets because the sidewalks were covered in piles of snow]
[people playing & sledding in the Common! love it!!]
[wishing I was that little girl being pulled around in a sled instead of walking haha]
[yes, that is a car folks]
[The cute boutiques on Charles Street are even more beautiful with snow on the windows]
It was such a fun weekend & I absolutely loved the blizzard! Maybe it is just because I am a California girl so seeing Boston covered in a blanket of white just made me love this city even more. I kept going to my living room windows to peek out at the snow that was falling from every direction because I thought it was so beautiful. People were having snowball fights, building snowmen, and everything was shut down. There were no stores open, no restaurants open, the only action happening was people running through the streets and loving every minute of it. I found all of it so exciting! There were no cars on the road either so it was just complete emptiness... nothing but mountains of snow! I will never forget this weekend because it is one of the most beautiful things I have witnessed so far in Boston. Nemo, come back anytime :)


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