Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fitness Blog Feature: Tone It Up

Hey loves! Since I just told you about my big health kick, I thought I would start a series where I share with you some of my favorite health/fitness blogs that I follow! I am constantly inspired by these women, their workouts, and their healthy lifestyles :) First up...the girls from Tone It Up!
These two lovely ladies are the founders of Tone It Up, Karena and Katrina. These women are such a big inspiration to me, I mean, look at them...who wouldn't want to be that fit?! I check their website daily because not only does it include daily blog posts, but it also includes recipes and information about their Tone It Up Nutrition Plan. I love watching their YouTube videos for my at home workouts, and I also follow their instagram for daily inspiration. You MUST check out their website! :)

On another note, I see Matt TOMORROW! I could not be more excited!!!
Have a wonderful day! 


  1. I will start to follow them too! Hopefully they give me some good advise to exercise with my bike.

  2. They are amazing! They have a bunch of different videos on youtube as well! :)

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