Saturday, February 9, 2013

Countdown to my 21st!

So most of my friends are already 21 or are turning 21 really soon & for some reason I get super excited for them! I think that turning 21 is such an exciting thing & I cannot wait until my 21st birthday. April 21st (golden birthday!) please come faster! Naturally, I have been thinking about the perfect birthday dress to wear, and I know that I want it to be Stone Cold Fox. I have been obsessed with Stone Cold Fox (<--check out my previous SCF post) for quite a while now because all of their pieces are so girly, feminine, and sexy...what's not to love?! I think that I found the perfect dress...Stone Cold Fox's Onyx Gown in red! I love it. My favorite color is red & dresses that tie at the neck are always flattering in my eyes (I love me some halters). Not to mention, those two slits are just to die for. So all I need to do now is save up for this dream dress of mine... I have 71 days, wish me luck!


P.s. There is a blizzard in Boston right now & the city is a winter wonderland :) I love it! Pictures coming soon!


  1. Love the dress. I'll have to check out the designer!! xox

  2. Thank you lovely!! And yes, you musttt check out Stone Cold Fox...all of their clothes are amazing & handmade by the designers with the best fabrics around :)


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