Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sara Bareilles Concert

A couple of weekends ago, my sisters and I went to the Sara Bareilles concert.
 We got in line early to try to snag good seats! Love Sheridan's boho vibe!
 Well, we got great spots right in front of the stage! We were happy!!
 We got some yummy icees before the concert :)
 ...and Sheridan showed off her leather jacket that I bought her ($10 at Salvation Army!)
 Then Casey James opened the show! What a cutie!
 ...and then the woman we had been waiting for SARA BAREILLES!!
 She was INCREDIBLE and I want to see her again so badly!!!!
Next, the headliner Sugarland came on! I didn't know any of their music, but I did catch the main guy's guitar pick that he threw into the audience!

We had a wonderful time and I loveeeed being with my sisters! They are the best <3

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