Friday, July 8, 2011

Getting our tans on!

My best friend Blake came home to California for a couple days & I am a very happy girl!
 We always have such a fun time together and we just crack up with each other
 You know you have a great friendship when you laugh at the littlest things together.
 We went to the beach with my sisters and got our tans on!
 One of their friends brought a blow up mattress, so we all had fun floating and riding the waves
 We spent almost the whole day at the beach and it was just perfect,
 do we look tan?
 Ahh I feel so fortunate to live in such a beautiful place!
 I feel so lucky that I am able to enjoy this for FREE!
Back up the steep steps for us, and off to get some slushies!

Hope you have an incredible day!! <3

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