Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Garment District

The Garment District is a place in Boston that has piles and piles of donated clothes and you buy clothes by the pound at $1.50 per pound. It is a little gross to search through other peoples clothes, but I love finding fun clothes within the heaps of clothes. It's like finding buried gold! Not only do they have the second hand clothes, but their upstairs is filled with vintage finds and all of the racks are labeled by the year. 50's 60's 70's, anything you're looking for! I bought my Giorgio Armani blazer there and Steve Madden heels for superrr cheap (I got the heels for about 5 cents)! I miss this place and I can't wait to go back and search for more unique finds!


  1. OMG! Where is that shop ?! In Norway everything is so ridiculously expensive!!
    Hope You get a lot of nice things :)

  2. It is in Boston! It is amazing but a little dirty too haha but you can find great stuff! I found some great jackets, got them dry cleaned, and they were good as new!


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