Saturday, June 25, 2011

Gotta Love Deals!

I love my new Wild Child crop top from Forever 21! I only spent around $10!
My top goes perfectly with my new high waisted shorts from Forever 21, which I got for $15.
Here are my new shoes from Lulu's and I absolutely LOVE them!! They make me super tall!
And here I am in my head to toe Forever 21 (except for my Lulu's shoes, of course)
Forever 21 has great deals, but I have to admit that they don't always sell the best quality clothes. You have to be smart about what you purchase there and make sure that it is not a low quality fabric. I am very happy with my most recent purchases from Forever 21. I had been looking for a fun crop top to go with my high waisted shorts and I finally found it! Crop tops are very in right now, you can see similar tops here, here, and here for sooo much more than the $10 I paid for mine! It's all about the deals people!
Gotta love them.

Have a fabulous day!!

P.s. Happy Birthday to my best friend! I love you Mom <3

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