Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My favorite shoes at the moment!

I bought these shoes at a Forever 21 in NYC for $25.80! I had been looking for a pair of floral wedges, but all of the ones that I came across were too expensive for my college student budget, but I was so happy to find this pair! I'm in love with them!
Here is a pair of Steve Madden shoes that I bought at a second hand store. They had only been worn once and they were in perfect condition! I bought them for $20! Love it!!
 I bought these at Forever 21 as well! Sometimes Forever 21 has great heels like these, you just have to keep your eyes open and be patient. I bought these for around $20 as well!

Since returning home to California, I have yet to unpack all of my clothes. As I was organizing everything, I came across my shoes and I decided to share my favorite pairs of shoes at the moment with you! The best part about these shoes are that they were all a bargain! I am all about the deals, especially when cute shoes are involved. I hope that you enjoy! Have a spectacular day!! <3


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